Richard is an engineering consultant with 20 years of experience, helping clients make better decisions through the pragmatic application of data science, mathematical modeling, and software engineering.


Richard completed his undergraduate degree and industry-sponsored PhD at the University of Bristol, where he explored how a hydraulic damper could reduce vibrations in a helicopter. He then transitioned into engineering consultancy.

He began his consulting career in the aerospace industry, analyzing wind tunnel data and developing software and models to predict wing and landing gear loads. This role evolved into delivering mathematical modeling and data projects for various applications, including baggage handling systems, army logistics, workforce planning, and nuclear reactor material degradation.

More recently, Richard has specialized in the pragmatic application of data science to enhance productivity. His work has ranged from delivering web apps to change management and data training.

Throughout his career, Richard has successfully combined data science, mathematical modeling, and software engineering to understand the past, predict the future, and communicate insights to support decision-making.

His exposure to different industries has expanded over time, but often returns to defense, aerospace, and energy. However, there has been a more recent focus on infrastructure projects and helping organizations deliver more sustainable outcomes.

Richard is based in our Derby office.


Career Highlights

  • Developed a novel, data-led approach for the strategic planning of sustainable drainage systems on a large scale.
  • Played a key role in communicating the impact of uncertainty in sea level rise predictions as part of the European Horizon 2020 project.
  • Created an innovative workflow to interpret survey free-text responses without requiring manual labeling.
  • His modeling work supported strategic workforce planning, addressing shifts in future skills demand.
  • Developed and delivered online data foundations training courses, accessible to approximately 16,000 staff members.
  • Mentor for the NHS Digital Academy aiming to "develop a new generation of excellent digital leaders who can drive the information and technology transformation of the NHS."



  • Data Science
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Software Development
  • Change Management
  • Automation
  • Process Modeling


Professional Qualifications

  • Chartered Engineer (CEng)
  • PhD Engineering Maths/Aerospace Engineering
  • MEng(Hons) Engineering Mathematics (1st)



  • Mentor for the NHS Digital Academy
  • Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET)


Sector Expertise

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure

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