Element’s regulatory compliance advisory services deliver world-class strategies that make systems compliance simple. Our experts provide industry-specific advice and guidance at an early stage to help you reduce the time, cost, and frequency of testing your products before certification – proactively managing risk and speeding up your time to market.


What are Regulatory Compliance Advisory Services? 

Regulatory compliance advisory services guide businesses in understanding and adhering to industry laws and standards. They offer expertise from product development to market launch, helping avoid legal issues, minimizing risks, and reducing compliance costs. Services include risk assessments, strategy development, audits, training, and regulatory submissions support.


Benefits of Regulatory Compliance Advisory Services with Element

  • Time and Cost Savings: Working with Element's experts allows you to optimize your budget by leveraging our streamlined testing protocols, reducing both the time and costs associated with regulatory compliance testing.
  • Mitigation: Element’s in-depth knowledge and proactive compliance strategies help minimize the risk of compliance failures, penalties, and missed deadlines, ensuring your product meets all regulatory requirements.
  • Streamlined Process: Element’s tailored approach avoids unnecessary testing, ensuring a more efficient certification process and reducing delays in product launch.
  • Global Market Access: With Element’s extensive experience and global network, we accelerate your product's entry into international markets by navigating complex regulatory landscapes effectively.
  • Guidance from Industry Specialists: Our engaged experts provide advice for some of the world's most critical industries, including medical, defense, aerospace, domestic, commercial, and industrial products.


Reduce Risk with Early-Stage Regulatory Compliance Advice 

Our Compliance Advisory Services offer proactive risk mitigation strategies tailored to your specific industry and product. Through thorough gap analysis and strategic planning, we ensure that your product meets all necessary standards and certifications, safeguarding your investment and reputation. We also work with design teams right from the conception of your product, building in attributes that steer projects away from avoidable testing, compliance, and approval pitfalls - helping your product pass the first time.


Avoid High Testing Costs and Delays

High testing costs and delays can strain your budget and extend your time-to-market, impacting your competitive edge. Element’s efficient and cost-effective testing protocols streamline the compliance process. Our early-stage compliance testing and best practice recommendations help reduce overall testing costs and minimize delays. By optimizing your compliance strategy, we ensure your product is ready for market without unnecessary expenses or setbacks.


Full Product Life-Cycle Support

Element is your testing partner throughout the whole product life-cycle of your connected devices. 

Connected Technologies  Advisory Services

Helping you determine the applicable directives, technical standards, and conformity assessment procedures.

Connected Technologies  Testing Services

From EMC and safety to IoT, cellular and Matter testing, our services ensure connectivity, interoperability and safety.

Connected Technologies Certification Services

Ensuring your connected devices can be marketed worldwide by obtaining the necessary compliance and certification.

Connected Technologies GMA Services
Global Market Access (GMA)

Helping you navigate the complex regulations to enable you to reach international markets quickly.

Regulatory and Compliance Advisory Services 

Some of the advisory services we offer include:

  • Compliance Strategy Documents - we consolidate your regulatory approval requirements into a single concise document.
  • Test Plans – working within test requirements and program mandates, we provide specific and detailed guidance on how to prepare your product for testing, including modes of operation, specialist software, cables required, etc.
  • Gap Analysis – when a test standard is updated or replaced by a newer version, there is always a dilemma of testing or not. We use gap analysis to compare the new standard against an older version, determining what requirements have changed and if additional testing is required.
  • Technical file compilation or audit 
  • Declaration of Conformity assistance /training 
  • Training - standards, regulations, risk assessments
  • Compliance advice 


Why Choose Element?

With decades of experience, a global team of industry-specific compliance specialists and a track record of completing thousands of successful projects, Element is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled guidance on regulatory compliance.

We understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and challenges. Whether you're navigating complex regulatory landscapes or facing tight deadlines, we have the knowledge and resources to address your concerns effectively.

For more information about Element or to request a quote, contact an expert today.


Advisory Services Programs

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Advisory Services

Element offers a comprehensive range of advisory services that help guide our customers through the complex landscape of testing, inspection, certification, and regulatory compliance as they develop new materials and products.

5G mmWave RF testing

Connected Technologies

Element's testing and certification services enable faster global market access to manufacturers of mobile and smart devices, where connectivity and interoperability is key.

product certification and approval

Product Certification and Approvals

Element has a dedicated team of experts providing ISO 17065 accredited certification services from offices across the globe.

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Advisory Services for Radio Products

Element provides guidance on the relevant regulatory requirements before you reach the testing and approvals stage, supporting you from start to finish - we ensure you achieve first time success.

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Radio Testing

Element provides a wide range of wireless and radio testing services including RF testing for regulatory compliance, RF exposure and SAR assessments and OTA and Wireless Coexistence testing.

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UK EMC Testing

EMC Testing

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EMC Testing

Aerospace EMI EMC Testing

State-of-the-art ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratories enable us to test a wide range of products from the smallest components to the largest electrical power management systems for commercial and military aircraft.

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Electrical Product Safety Testing

Element is the ideal partner to help electrical device manufacturers, importers and distributors obtain the fast and efficient product safety testing and certification needed to trade their products worldwide.

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